Testimonials from My Clients

My brother and I retained Andrew in 2016 to prepare a Revocable Living Trust, Will documents, Power of Attorney, and Advance Directives when my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. At the time he lived in Bend, Oregon and handled our needs professionally and allowed my father much dignity in the process. Initially we didn’t know what was the best course of action but with Andrew’s advice and consummate work we were able to handle our father’s assets seamlessly after his passing. I can’t be more grateful for his precise advice. This year, though Andrew no longer resides in Oregon, I decided to retain him to draw up my own Living Trust and aligning documents to protect my own assets for my son. Andrew again, delivered advice with precision and completed the documents quickly. He made sure that I was well educated about all the details of the Trust and other documents before I signed anything. I was also undergoing a legal process in Family Law, which initiated the need for the Estate documents, and Andrew was able to give me fair and clear guidance about some of the Family Law details and attorney recommendations. He kept my Family Law needs confidential even though he is still in contact with my brother’s family. Though there was a distance between us, he was very available for any questions over the phone and was thorough in supplying me with all documents electronically. As well, his associates that handled the notary and actual signing of the documents were equally attentive and knowledgeable for last minute questions I had. I can’t say enough of Andrew’s character, professionalism, and efficient thorough work. He has been kind, concerned with my individual needs, and a family man! You definitely want to hire him!

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Jennifer M. Hall

We were referred by a good friend and can’t express how happy we are with our results. We were educated, informed and relieved that putting together a trust after taking on three new little kids wasn’t a “teeth pulling event” like we thought we were going into. He understood our special situation and handled everything very professionally. Thank you very much Andrew!!

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Bobbi Jo H.

If I could give Andrew Mathers more than 5 stars I would. Just left his office and came away feeling like I just had met a genuinely good human being. I’m always leery when I walk into a lawyers office wondering how deep they will get a hand in my pocket but Andrew is NOT like that at all. Gave me some great advice and really helpful personal insight. Like I said, just seems like a really good person. Even stopped me from spending unnecessary time and money. What more could a client ask for? Thanks Andrew.

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Marty S.

My wife and I came to Andrew to get some wills written, and go over guardianship options for our autistic son. He got to know us, and listened to our specific concerns. Everything was addressed directly including all kinds of “what-if” scenarios, many of which had never occurred to me.

Having just gone through a nightmare situation with my fathers estate (he had used self-help documentation that was later ruled completely invalid), I wasn’t in the mood to take any risks. Andrew acknowledged this, and put together a customized binder with estate/guardianship documents that are signed, notarized and ready to be filed with the court by those we trust should they be needed. Now, we no longer have to worry about distant family showing up like vultures if the worst happens.  

Added bonus, he’s admitted to the state bar in Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. We’re from Oregon, and may return there (or Washington) eventually. He was therefore able to discuss the differences in state law, and what we would need to edit in the documentation if we moved.

Simply put, this guy rocks!

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Christopher O.

My wife and I recently decided we needed to update our Wills as we had relocated to Arizona from the mid-west. We fortunately received an invitation from attorney Andrew S. Mathers to attend his dinner seminar on Wills and Trusts. We decided to accept the invitation and are certainly glad we did. The seminar was very informative. We found Andy to be quite personable, knowledgeable and approachable. We took advantage of the free consultation and made an appointment to discuss our needs. By the way, the dinner was very good also. We met with Andy a few days later and explained our situation. He listened and confirmed what he believed we were wanting to accomplish. He asked questions to verify our specific issues. Once he had an understanding of our needs, he offered suggestions and
alternatives on how to best achieve our needs. Andy prepared our Wills and accompanying documents and presented them in a very nice binder. He also provided a flash drive. He made the necessary filings and provided instructions on remaining issues. He went above and beyond to meet our individual needs. We highly recommend Andrew S. Mathers, PC to anyone needing to have a Will and/or Trusts prepared.

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Rodney & Lori Coleman

I would never have imagined that any attorney would be so timely in answering calls, texts, and e-mails.  If you send Andy Mathers an e-mail, you better be ready to get a phone call, because it never takes long at all.

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Harry D.

Andy was very helpful and professional in settling up our trust and estate planning. Gladly answered our questions and explained the process to us. I would highly recommend him.

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Susan Z.

He helped me with a Special Needs trust for my son and a trust for myself! Explained everything to me in a way that I understood. And we got it all done in no time! Thanks so much for your help. I’ll be sure to call again.

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Andrew G.


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