trust and probate administration gilbert azSomeone you love has just passed away. Perhaps you were named as their “successor trustee,” “executor” or “personal representative” in their trust and/or will. Or maybe they didn’t have a trust or will. You’re faced with a mountain of questions, paperwork, and uncertainty; and mostly all you want to do is grieve. As your probate or trust administration attorney, Andy will walk you through the process of navigating the legal and financial issues that arise following the death of your loved one in the Gilbert, AZ.

You may be wondering: Who is responsible for paying the final expenses? How do we collect the life insurance money? What do we do with the retirement accounts? How do we divide the furniture, jewelry, or artwork? Do we need to retitle the house? How long will all of this take?

Andy regularly deals with families who have experienced loss. He knows the steps that need to be taken and can provide as much or as little guidance and support as you need. He can navigate the court process (called probate), help you with questions about a family trust, or figure out how to keep conflicts over money or other property from destroying your family.

Through it all, Andy strives to take the burden off your shoulders as much as possible, providing you the peace of mind to know that, in your time of turmoil, at least one set of problems is being dealt with.

I am active-duty military and was on emergency leave in Oregon. I was taking care of my Father’s affairs. I had no idea honestly, what needed to be done to protect my father’s estate and to ensure the rightful passage of it to his beneficiaries. I did my research and realized I needed multiple documents. I considered drafting them myself and getting them notarized. I considered hiring an attorney to do each one individually. It was enormously overwhelming as I was also trying to spend quality time with my terminally ill Father. I needed counsel.

I submitted a request on the Oregon State Bar website for assistance from attorneys that would cater to active duty military. Within the day, Mr. Andrew Mathers called me and his advice was thorough and free. I hired him immediately. He created an absolutely wonderful, all-encompassing estate planning portfolio for my Father of which the main component was a Revocable Living Trust. This portfolio included all the other documents I knew I needed and many more. A Pour-Over Will. A Power of Attorney. An Advanced Medical Directive and Memorial Instructions. This package protects and secures my Father’s assets and estate for generations to come. It quite literally took care of everything. My father can pass in peace knowing his children and lineage henceforth will be taken care of.

Mr. Andrew Mathers not only created an outstanding product, but he also did it with diligence and speed. He consulted with my Father’s physicians, Oregon State Disability representatives and other professionals involved with my Father so that the portfolio was legitimate, comprehensive, meticulous and accurate. He went far beyond just drafting documents for me. The value I received from him is inextinguishable. I will forever be grateful to the help he provided. He is truly a professional, a gentleman and a kindhearted person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Probate?

Probate is the name for the process by which property is distributed to heirs and beneficiaries after death, according to the Last Will and Testament, if one exists. Any outstanding debts are also deducted from the estate. Probate is governed by state law and usually requires court intervention.