Plan for the Future

Plan for the Future

Estate Planning Attorney in Gilbert, AZ

Whether you know it or not, you have an “estate,” and it needs planning. Your estate is everything you own – your house, your car, your retirement fund, your life insurance policy, your bank accounts, your dog, your jewelry, and any other asset of value. No matter how large or small, you have an estate, and you need to think about what will happen to it when you die.

The process of estate planning is much more than just figuring out which of your kids will inherit your estate. And it’s much more than a discount, do-it-yourself will from a “legal document service” like LegalZoom.

As your estate planning attorney in Gilbert, AZ, Andy wants to know what’s important to you and unique about your family. How are you going to pass your values on to your kids? If they are young, who will take care of them after you’re gone? And who will manage their money for them? Who would manage your money if you became disabled? Who will be there to help your loved ones wrap up your financial and legal affairs after your death?

Many families have complicating factors that make the process all the more vital. How should we deal with the child who is addicted to drugs or has a spending problem? Do we leave him an inheritance, knowing that it will be put to poor use? Or what about the daughter with cerebral palsy or autism, who receives Medicaid? How do we leave her money to use for quality of life without the government denying her Medicaid benefits?

All of these questions have answers and solutions. Andy can answer your questions and help you design the right solutions for you and your family. And, although it is tempting to wait until “later” to deal with these issues, the fact is that none of us have any guarantee tomorrow will ever come.

Don't leave your family with unanswered questions about how to distribute your assets. Schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney in Gilbert, AZ today.