Estate Planning Process

My Estate Planning Process is thorough and comprehensive. It works as follows:


Here, I will become acquainted with you, your family and your friends. We will discuss your assets, values, and goals. You will learn the benefits of a Last Will & Testament versus a Revocable Living Trust and which plan is best for you.

You will learn the purpose of each legal document that is included with my estate planning packages such as the Financial Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, HIPPA Authorization, Personal Property Memorandum, ADOT Beneficiary form, Beneficiary Deed, Special Warranty Deed, Memorial Instructions and assignment of business interests.

We will design your estate plan at this meeting. Each plan is unique and custom. You decide who will be the guardian for your minor children, personal representative, successor trustee, financial and health care power of attorney, authorized persons under HIPPA and alternates for each of these positions.

You will choose your beneficiaries, and how they will receive your assets. For example, will he receive his inheritance in a trust, outright or in percentages at certain ages? Will she be the sole trustee of her own trust or will there be an independent trustee? Do you want to provide incentives to get a college education or learn a trade? Would you like to include your grandchildren? Do you want to protect your children’s inheritance from your spouse’s next spouse after you pass away? There are many possibilities and scenarios with a Revocable Living Trust.

The total time for this meeting is between one and two hours.

After this meeting, I will draft your documents. The Document Signing is scheduled two to three weeks out so you have time to review the documents and ask questions before signing. However, I have often drafted emergency plans in less time, if necessary.


The documents are signed at my office. I provide the witnesses and notary.

The signing takes about 30 minutes. It will be longer if we are filling out retirement account beneficiary forms, which is included in every revocable living trust plan.

After the documents are signed, I scan copies of each signed document and prepare your portfolio for delivery.


Your original signed documents are delivered in a professional portfolio binder which includes a flash-drive containing copies of your signed documents. Your binder can be delivered any time after the Document Signing.


I recommend we meet at least once every 2-3 years for a free trust review. Or, call me anytime at no charge, if there is a change in circumstances such as a change in tax laws, trustees, beneficiaries, purchase of a car or house, divorce, marriage, children, etc. Unlike other law firms, I charge no annual fees for this service. My relationship with my clients is for the long haul and I do not nickel and dime my clients.

My wife Jackie Kaufman and I chose Andrew to help us with our living trust. He was patient with us and answered all our questions. There were a couple of issues with our financial advisor. Our advior was outside Oregon and didn’t understand exactly what we needed to complete the living trust. Andrew not only provided us with the necessary info but called our advisor to make sure he knew what was needed. Highly recommend Andrew for estate planning needs.

Patrick Frain

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